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Dawn Naugle

Woodlawn High School

My name is Dawn Naugle, and my inspiration to pursue law came from where I grew up. I was always taught that everyone has their own story and background, some better than others, and a majority of those people are amazing individuals who just started off on the wrong foot, and they deserve just as much of a chance of someone without a rough life, and the sad reality of our legal system is it's not there yet. I want to be a part of making that change in our justice system.

My goal is to start off my career from the bottom as a paralegal. I'm unsure of what field so far I really enjoyed my placement at legal aid so eventually I would love to work with the team there, the whole reason why I want to start off small is I want learn the good aspects and flaws of our legal systems, as well as work on my skills but eventually I want to work up and become a lawyer and create a voice for those who need it.

When it comes to my interests, some do tie into social justice like how I enjoy helping those in need, problem solving and some interests don't tie into social justice like gardening, cooking, arts and crafts, and anything outdoors. To finish off I just want to say thank you for this funding it going to help me get to where I want to go in life.

Dawn begins her education at the Ivany Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College in September 2023.


Dawn Naugle

Dawn Naugle
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